Meditatio 8: The Ritual of Craeft

Meditatio 8: The Ritual of Craeft

Art as Ritual

Hello to everyone! I am back with a new episode after a bit of a break over the holidays and early in the year. I hope everyone is safe and well and that the new year is bringing you a measure of hope after a rough beginning… I thank you all for your continued support and interest in this podcast. I would like to introduce you to my revised concept, my revised approach to this podcast. Not to worry, I will be continuing to explore the same overarching theme, continuing to dig into my fascination with our understanding of the past, as a culture, as individuals, and how that understanding or misunderstanding colors our present lives.

The revised approach to this podcast that I propose actually came about as I began to realize that I simply could not separate my writing and podcasting from my artistic practice. The two areas of endeavor are native to me, they are part of me, they belong to me in such a way that one cannot truly be separated from the other. And, after a lot of deep thinking on the subject, I ultimately decided that the best way to honour this complexity was to evoke the creative struggle behind each piece as a way to evoke and illustrate the intellectual struggle of thinking through whatever ideas or problems each episode of this podcast is trying to tackle. 

Figuring it Out

What I am suggesting is to embark on a sort of journey, made up of personal ritual, one which seeks to honour the creative process and the resulting work in all its intricacies. It’s an idea that I think might benefit some of you, my listeners, especially if you happen to be artistically inclined in some way. But it can also benefit anyone who wants to honestly think through his or her life journey. This idea of a ritual, or of a kind of pilgrimage through the artistic or creative process, is actually one that can be applied to any one of our lives. We have so few authentic rituals left in this world that I think this one might be of genuine value to me, and to you as well. But let’s figure out how this might work...

...To hear the full article, please tune in to episode 4 of my podcast here!


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