As a sensitive, artistic child, I grew up wondering what had robbed beauty from our generic, cookie-cutter suburban landscapes. I would spend a lifetime attempting to find that missing beauty in nature, in art, in my art history studies and, later, in my practice.

While I studied the natural sciences for some time, I quickly came to understand that lab work was not my calling. It was following a successful internship at an archaeological site in Alsace as a young adult that I eventually fell in love with the idea of studying art and history in France. From there, I navigated a forest of red tape to enroll at the famous Sorbonne, where I graduated in 2003.

Upon returning to Montreal, I worked as a translator, copywriter, and as curatorial assistant at the MMFA before deciding to practice art full-time. I have since pursued my passion for various disciplines—painting, drawing, sculpting, doll-making, and the literary arts—through commission work and a recent museum exhibition.

While my specialty is portraiture, I welcome the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects, most especially those linking back to my love of nature and interest in conservation, sustainability, and climate justice.